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Microsoft Office 2016 takes you through his magic

September 22, 2015, Microsoft released to the public Microsoft Office 2016. Here are ten things Microsoft Office 2016 is committed to becoming a productivity kit you need more than ever.
1.real-time co creation
For many Office applications, CO authoring has been around for quite some time, but for Office 2016, it’s time to work together. This means that you can see what – your partner is being executed in the Word document or the PowerPoint presentation, they can see what you are doing, even this and where you are or what device is irrelevant.
2.OneNote Notepad sharing
OneNote is one of the most useful applications in Microsoft Office, and one of the least understood. Office 2016 allows you to share a OneNote notepad with as many people as you can. Because OneNote supports text, pictures, work table, email, almost anything you can think of the type of document, it is committed to working with a team of resources, if they know how to use it.
3.simplify document sharing
Office 2016 simplifies document sharing and adds a share button to the upper right corner of the Office application. Click on this button and you can click on a button to share your documents with anyone in your contact list. You don’t even have to leave the document to do it. That sounds pretty simple.
4.intelligent accessories
If you are like me, almost every day need to send e-mail attachments. In previous versions of Office, adding attachments to your email requires you to navigate to the location where the document is saved. You can still do this in Office 2016, but if the requested document is a recent visit, it will appear in a list of sharable documents in Outlook. In essence, Office 2016 gives you a list of the most commonly used content that has been used recently.
5.Outlook Clutter function
Like most of us, you may get a lot of emails every day. It is a certain amount of time to check the Outlook inbox to set the priority for each message, so you can’t keep it efficient. Office 2016 adds a new category to your inbox, which is used to split your toolbox called Clutter. You can specify a specific email for the lower priority, the future of similar e-mail, will be automatically stored in the Outlook Clutter folder. So now your email has four categories: important, Clutter, garbage and deleted.
6.a better version of history
Collaboration and creativity can be a messy process, with a significant change in the sharing of documents over time. Office 2016 makes up for the missing idea, retains the historical version of the document, and can be called directly from the Office application, from the history section of the file menu.
7.Excel new icon type
Data visualization through the Excel icon, which has been a popular and powerful features. However, the list of icons available before the Excel version needs to be updated. The list of templates in Office 2016 adds a number of new icon types, including waterfall streams, which is a great icon type if you want to track the stock market. Other new types of icons include tree diagram, histogram, Pareto, Box and and Whisker Sunburst.
9.Power BI
During the release of Office 2013 and Office 2016, Microsoft has spent a lot of time and money on acquisitions to strengthen its business intelligence and analytical applications vendors. Power BI is a powerful analysis tool, now bundled with Office 365 orders together. Learn about every little detail of the business, which is vital information that Power BI can bring to you.
Delve is another new tool bundled with Office 365 orders. The best way to describe Delve is to allow you to access the central location you have created, shared, or used to collaborate with Office 2016. This is one of the most recently used items in the list, and only this version of this list is saved in the cloud - so you can access it anywhere on any device using Office 365 Portal.
10.purchase options
Office 2016 can only be used as an order to the user. Even if you buy the boxed version of the Office 2016, you have to have an annual subscription, but there is one exception. If you purchase Office Home & Student 2016 boxed version, you can use Office one-time payment of 149.99 of the cost of the foundation.
Microsoft is quite sure that the cheapest way is to order Office 365, including Office 2016 and all cloud services. Enterprise applications consider Office 365 for Business order one. This will also be your most affordable choice.

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